Total Wash Street Cannon Kit

Sale price$99.99
  • Total wash Street Offers a fast and convenient way to clean your toys.
  • Covers large surface areas in seconds
  • Quickly removes dirt, dust, and other road contaminants while leaving a wax like finish
  • Works into a thick lather that is safe on all surfaces and finishes
  • One Cartridge makes over 5 Gallons of highly effective wash

    Watch Total Wash In Action!


    Step 1

    Simply thread Total Wash Cannon Cartridge onto Total Wash Cannon

    Step 2

    Set top dial dilution rate to full foam and spray generously on surface

    Step 3

    Gently work the foam into the vehicles surface using a clean microfibre cloth or wash mitt. This ensures an effective bond of Hydra Coat to your vehicles surface

    Step 4

    Rinse and dry thoroughly

    Dilution Dial

    This dial controls the dilution rate of the Total Wash. 20:1 (Water:Wash) is the max setting and it can be dialed back until it is pure water for lighter cleaning.

    Spray Pattern

    Turning the barrel changes the spray pattern from a wide fan to a direct blast. The wide fan is great for covering large surfaces evenly while the direct blast helps to hit hard to reach places.

    Thick Foam

    The cannon produces a thick foam that pulls off heavy soils. The foam also gives you more working time before the wash dries so that the soap can clean for a longer period of time,

    Thread on a cartridge

    The Total Wash Cannon is compatible with All Total Wash Cartridges. You simple thread the Cartridge onto the base of the cannon and blast away!


    Water Repellency!

    Total Wash Street has Hydracoat technology which leaves a wax like finish. This beads and sheets off water to speed up the drying process and inhibits water spotting for the perfect finish. Total Wash Street was designed to be gentle on your machines surface while being tough on road grime.