Total Wash Hose Cannon

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  • Covers large surfaces in seconds making washing a breeze
  • Features a robust plastic reservoir and high quality brass components
  • Can be adjusted for vertical and horizontal spray patterns
  • Adjustable dilution dial for maximum control over the concentration of your wash
  • Simple coupling connection to water supply
  • Fits any 5/8" and 3/4" standard garden hose

Watch The Total Wash Hose Cannon In Action!


Step 1

Thread trigger nozzle onto garden hose

Step 2

Fill reservoir with 500ml Total Wash and 500ml of water

Step 3

Set dilution dial to recommended setting

Step 4

Connect hose cannon to trigger nozzle coupling


Compatible with all Total Wash Cartridges

The Total Wash Hose Cannon is compatible with all Total Wash Cartridges and is a great application solution for anyone without a pressure washer looking for a fast way to wash around the house!