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Total Wash Hose Cannon

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5 Star



  • Covers large surfaces in seconds making washing a breeze
  • Features a robust plastic reservoir and high quality brass components
  • Can be adjusted for vertical and horizontal spray patterns
  • Adjustable dilution dial for maximum control over the concentration of your wash
  • Simple coupling connection to water supply
  • Fits any 5/8" and 3/4" standard garden hose


1. Thread trigger nozzle onto garden hose
2. Fill reservoir with 500ml Total Wash and 500ml of water
3. Set dilution dial to recommended setting
4. Connect hose cannon to trigger nozzle coupling
5. Have a blast!


Product Specs

Kit Includes
1 Trigger Nozzle
1 Foam Cannon & reservoir

Fits 5/8" and 3/4" garden hose

Convenient Application

The Total Wash hose Cannon is easy to use. Simply put Total Wash in the reservoir, connect to a hose and spray away!

Wide Range of Uses

The Total Wash Hose Cannon is compatible with our entire range of Total Wash Cartridges and can be used to clean virtually anything outside that gets dirty.

  • Foam Cannon

    Total Wash Is highly effective when used through our Total Wash Cannon. Just thread on a cartridge and blast your machine!

  • Hose Cannon

    Total Wash can be sprayed on using our Total Wash Hose Cannon. Simply fill the reservoir, connect it to your hose bib and spray away.

  • Bucket Wash / Pump Sprayer

    Total Wash can also be diluted at a 20:1 ratio and used as a bucket wash or put in a sprayer to cover your vehicle.

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