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Total Wash Heavy Duty

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Total Wash Heavy Duty

  • Is a strong formula that cuts through oily grime, brake dust, & bug guts with ease.
  • Is virtually touchless which means you can throw away your brushes and let the cleaner work for you.
  • Easily cleans tires for a deep black finish
  • Safe to use on any wheel type
  • Great for engine degreasing
  • Breaks down bug guts and debris for easy removal
  • Acid free


1. Spray liberally on surface
2. Let stand for 30 seconds
3. Agitate with a brush or wash mitt IF NEEDED
4. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer to remove all cleaner and debris
5. Dry with a clean microfibre towel


Product Specs

Size: 16US FL OZ , 473ml
Fragrance: Winter Green

Do not get in eyes
Keep out of reach of children

Touchless Wheel Cleaner

Total Wash Heavy Duty is an aggressive formula that cuts through break dust and road contaminants without using a brush. Just spray on, wait 30 seconds and rinse off!

Removes bug guts with ease

Just spray Total Wash Heavy duty on you mirrors, grille, and front bumper to watch bug guts and debris break down and rinse off with little to no scrubbing!

Strong Degreaser

Total Wash Heavy Duty deals with all kinds of oily grime and soot. It is great for engine degreasing and everyday spot cleaning of oily messes!