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WR Performance Products

Mud Defender

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  • Mud release agent that reduces the sticking and clean up of heavy soils, mud, rubber, and clay
  • Thick protective coating that leaves a high gloss finish
  • Great for use on plastic, metal, rubber, vinyl, and carbon fibre
  • Advanced non-silicone technology


1. Start with a clean surface. For best results we recommend using WR Performance Products Total Wash.
2. Apply a light even coat of Mud Defender.
3. Leave to dry for 30min for best results. For an immediate even shine wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.


Q: Why would I use this instead of any other detailer?
A: Mainly because Mud Defender is more than just a detailer. It's main purpose it to act as a mud repellant to make cleanup wayyy easier! We have tweaked the formula but it was originally used as a repellant for concrete forms so that the forms would release from the concrete after it had dried. We altered this formula and it now works the same way with Mud, clay, and dirt on your ride.

Q: Can I use Mud Defender as a deodorant?
A: Even though our fragrance may cause romantic attractions from others, we do not recommend you use as a body spray

Q: How much to spray Mud Defender?
A: Apply a light even coat of Mud Defender until there is an even shine across the surface that is being sprayed

Product Specs

Available in 12 oz / 340 g
Bubblegum fragrance

Aspiration hazard
Contents Under Pressure
Do not swallow
Do not puncture or incinerate container
Keep out of reach of children
Do not expose to heat or store at a temperature above 120 degrees F


Mud Defender was originally designed as a repellant for concrete forms so that the concrete would not stick after it has dried. We tweaked this formula and now it works just as good on mud, clay and anything else you pick up on the trail!