The fastest Filter Cleaner available!

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F3 goes the distance!

  • F3 is reusable and will clean 10 filters before it needs to be replaced
  • F3 works on every type of foam filter oil (Petroleum and Bio)
  • Safe on foam and glue joints

F3 smells and works great!

  • Unlike other filter cleaners F3 has a pleasant fragrance that does not linger
  • F3 dissolves any oil in seconds
  • F3 is Biodegradable, Non-flammable and wont evaporate
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Simple all-in-one solution

  • Most filter cleaners are simply a solvent that breaks down the oil but still leaves a significant amount of dirt in the filter.
  • F3 turns into soap when rinsing out in water. This washes out all remaining dirt and solvent left in the filter after dissolving the oil.


Mud Defender makes cleaning a breeze

  • Mud Defender is a highly effective mud release agent that inhibits the sticking of mud and clay
  • It creates a barrier so that soil cannot properly adhere to the surface of your vehicle. This makes washing much faster and easier!
  • Simply coat your machine before a ride and leave wet for enhanced mud release properties. Or for an immediate even shine buff into the surface with a clean microfiber towel.
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