Step 1: Create an account

All applicants must first create an account on our website by clicking the icon in the upper righthand corner

Step 2: Fill out and send application

Please fill in as many fields as possible! We want to know why you would be a great addition to the WR team of athletes!

Step 3: Wait for Approval

Our team will review your application and reach out to let you know if you qualify as a WR Sponsored athlete!

***ATTENTION!*** All applicants must create an account AND submit the form below to be considered for sponsorship. 

WR Performance Products has a limited number of Bronze, Silver, and Gold sponsorships available for every race season. Each Sponsorship level has unique perks and privileges and athletes will be qualified for these categories based off of 3 key components.

1. The Athletes performance in their sport.
2. The Athletes activity level in the sport.
3. The Athletes engagement with the WR Performance Products Brand

This means that we are looking for athletes that Perform well, race often, and help to spread the word about WR Performance Products by posting frequently about our products through social media. Sponsorship standing will be reevaluated from time to time and Athletes that follow through on these 3 things will be upgraded to a higher category of sponsorship. 


Before and After Photos

  • Take a picture of your dirty ride with our products in the photo 
  • Take a photo of the product in action (covered in foam etc.)
  • After its clean take an after photo with our products in the photo
  • Make sure to tag @wrperformanceproducts so we can share it as well!

Testimonial Videos

Begin by introducing yourself name age and any other important racing information you want to share. Show a WR Performance Product in action and explain to the viewer why you like our products so much. Finish by telling your viewers that they can get the products at
Don't forget to tag @wrperformanceproducts in the post!