Total Wash Cannon Kit

  • Total wash is the total package when it comes to cleaning and degreasing your toys
  • The non-corrosive formula will quickly remove bugs, tar, drake dust, oil, mud and clay
  • Safe to use on soft metals such as aluminum or anodized components
  • Total wash is biodegradable and provides a perfect clean without leaving a residue or water spots

  • Directions

    1. Simply thread Total Wash Cannon Cartridge onto Total Wash Cannon
    2. Set top dial dilution rate to full foam
    3. Spray generously on surface and wait 60 seconds before rinsing (do not allow Total Wash to dry on surface)
    4. Rinse off with hose or high pressure spray.


  • How do I dilute total wash using the Total Wash Cannon?

    The Total Wash Cannon has a dilution dial on the top of it that controls the ratio of Water to Total Wash Solution. Turning this dial clockwise will increase the concentration of Total Wash Solution. For muddy vehicles we recommend setting the cannon to full foam (Turning clockwise all the way). For dust, road grime, or fine detailing we recommend dialling it back which will decrease the concentration of Total Wash dust still clean effectively and give you a nice finish. 

  • Product Specs

    • Kit includes 1 Total Wash Cannon and 2 Total Wash Cannon Cartridges
    • Total Wash Cannon Cartridges come in 1 qt bottles and each Cartridge makes over 5 gallons of wash
    • Winter Green Fragrance